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First Base is a unique sports lifestyle brand based in Australia. They sell all sorts of high-end athletic wear for women.

First Base Review: The Big Drapey Tee

We were lucky enough to receive a casual shirt called The Big Drapey Tee from First Base to review. Disclaimer: They sent the shirt to us for free, but all of our opinions are our own.


The First Base brand is on the higher end of the price scale (at least in my opinion). Their leggings go for over $100, and the big drapey tee I reviewed normally goes for $77. So there was definitely an expectation on my end that the quality of the clothing would be high.

Shipping & Packaging

While all the items do ship from Australia, the shipping time strangely didn’t seem affected by that. I’m in the US, and I received it only a few days after it was shipped!

It was packaged in a really exciting way—it felt like I was opening a gift from a friend. And it came with a funny little whistle as well (which my dogs really loved/hated).

First Base Big Drapey Tee Review


Immediately upon opening the package I could tell this shirt was made from something nice. It feels like a cross between silk and cotton—but is actually mostly made of rayon. It’s stretchy and feels really nice against your skin. Downside—it looks like cleaning the shirt is going to be sorta tough. The list of instructions for care was loooong. But that’s sometimes the price you pay for soft, delicate materials.


I was a little worried about getting a shirt from First Base, because the models on the site are all just so darn skinny. I’m more of an “average” build, so I wasn’t sure if they’d work on my body. I nervously ordered the largest size, which was a size 3 for the big drapey tee.

As it turned out, I think I was perhaps being a bit pessimistic about my size, as I probably would have been ok in a size 2. The shirt I got was extra big and drapey. But it was my own fault , and plus, I do like big shirts. They’re just more comfortable. So it wasn’t the end of the world.


This shirt is really darn cool. It’s somewhat hard to tell from the photos on their site, but the “casual” way it sits around the shoulders and on one side near the waistline is actually built into the shirt. From the store photos, it appears that it’s just conveniently sagged around the model’s shoulders in a nice way, but there are actually tiny pleats built into the sleeves to give it that drapey look (first photo below).

First Base Drapey Tee Clothing Review 1
First Base Drapey Tee Clothing Review

But my favorite part is the faux side-tuck look. One side of the shirt (second photo above) has some stitching that looks rather weird before you put it on. It’s kinda clumped up and hard to understand. But! Once you put it on, it all makes sense. It falls at exactly the right place at your hip to look like you did a tiny tuck of the shirt into the top of your jeans. Flawlessly casual. Love it.

The bottom of the shirt is rough and looks unhemmed, which fits perfectly for the style of the shirt.

First Base Clothing Review (Australia)




First Base Review: Big Drapey Tee

This shirt is a lovely material, and has an in-built casual drape that means it always sits just right. It is a bit pricey for a tee shirt, but it feels worth the cost.
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