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We have recently been on a Vinyl record subscription service kick at Topdown. We can’t get enough of that Vinyl sound and energy. Most of the Vinyl subscriptions music choices are completely out of our control. That all changed with Feedbands Vinyl Subscription. Read our Feedbands Review and find out how you can help decided what arrives in your mailbox.

Learn how democracy chooses each monthly vinyl record in our Feedbands Review

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Feedbands Review

The Feedbands vinyl subscription service sends out a Vinyl record each month. Customers can expect a full-length Vinyl LPS from new artists every month.

But how do I know what FeedBands sends?

We were hoping you would ask, it’s what makes Feedbands so exciting. Every vinyl record subscription has their unique way of choosing music. Vinyl Me Please decides what they think is the best new artist. VNYL sends vinyl records based on your music playlists in Pandora or Spotify.

Feedbands takes a more user voted approach at music selection. Every month Feedbands has a ton of independent bands featured on their website. They encourage customers to listen to the bands and choose their favorite artist. The artist that receives the most votes gets pressed into a custom Vinyl sent out the following month.

It’s a fun concept that uses customer voting to find the best artists. It also means if you don’t enjoy the record, you only have yourself to blame.

Check out our Feedbands review to learn more about this vinyl record subscription.

Feedband Cost

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FeedBands Review Summary

We dig this vinyl subscription a lot. Being long time Redditors, the ability to upvote gives us that dopamine release. We can’t wait to cast our votes for next month.

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