FanDuel Review

We’ll be the first to admit we have a bit of a sports problem. A week doesn’t go by that our testers don’t visit the local favorite sports bar. That is why we am so excited about FanDuel. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let us explain what FanDuel is in our FanDuel Review.

FanDuel is a fantasy sport website focused on your enjoyment. They cover every major sport including baseball, soccer, basketball, football, and hockey. There are so many people using this service that the pools end up being gigantic. We’re talking a $2 million dollar first prize!

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FanDuel Review

The FanDuel website is easy to use. They also have an iPhone and Android app for technology advanced users. If you are like us, easier is better. FanDuel makes everything easy and enjoyable. It’s what you would expect from the largest fantasy sports websites in history.

You can check out the different contests without having to pay anything. There are tons of different options for all players. Free, $1 or $10,000 for the big spenders! This site has everything. We barely knew where to start for our FanDuel review.

FanDuel Sign-up

This couldn’t be easier. On the FanDuel homepage, there is a giant join now green button. Clicking that will take you to a signup page. Enter your information, making sure to include the FanDuel Promo Code. Clicking here will enter the code.

The best part is the FanDuel offers a 100% money-back guarantee on your first contest. Along with our FanDuel Promo Code, there is no reason not to give them a try at least once. You won’t regret it!


They make depositing money super easy, almost too easy we would say. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or even Paypal. Once you have submitted your minimum $10 deposit, you are ready to play.

Find your FanDuel Contest

This was the hardest part of the whole process for us. There are thousands of different FanDuel contests to choose from. Choosing which sport our testers wanted to play was bad enough, but the options open from there. You can do head-to-head, half/half or tournaments. As if that wasn’t enough sports, FanDuel allowed us to make our own contests. We also had the option to join other user contests.

Creating your Team

This was a lot of fun for us. We got to pick and choose the different players for our teams. As we loaded up the players, we had to keep track of how much each player was costing. You can only draft a few star players, making sure that you keep your team under the salary cap. With our teams chosen, we entered them into the contest.

It is important to read about the scoring structure before you play. Each of the fantasy websites tends to have their own system.

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Watch and Win!

This is where it gets exciting. Our first contest was a 50/50 college football game. After calculating the points, one of our testers had ended up in the top 50% of the group! He won! Thanks to the FanDuel Promo Codes, he hadn’t even spent any money yet. (Other than his original deposit)

This isn’t the only way to win. Some of the games award money based on your ranking compared to other players. There are a ton of FanDuel payout structures so be sure to read up on them before you start. It’s good to know how you are going to earn.

Collecting the winnings.

FanDuel is serious about paying their players. Last year FanDuel paid their winners over 2 billion dollars! They make it easy to get your money out.

PayPal: By far the easiest way to get your money. If you have already connected your PayPal account earlier, they will deposit it there. Payments come through by the next business day, unless its a weekend.

Check: FanDuel will send you a check in the mail if you don’t have PayPal. This method is much slower than PayPal. It also seems like FanDuel has more regulations with checks. We recommend sticking to PayPal if you can.

FanDuel Review Summary

FanDuel runs a great good fantasy sports website. It was easy to sign up, cheap to play, and very exciting to win. If you love fantasy sports, give FanDuel a shot! Make sure to use our FanDuel Promo Codes when you sign up!

FanDuel Rating


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