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Eve has taken their superior mattress knowledge and applied it to pillows. It only makes sense that every part of the sleepers experience is important. After finding the best mattress, it would be a crime to use a bad pillow. Join us in as we explore this new aspect of sleep in our eve Pillow Review.

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Eve Pillow Review

Firmness and support

We gave the eve pillow a 6 out of 10 on our firmness scale (10 being the firmest). The memory foam creates a more solid feel than a soft pillow. Don’t expect your head to fall into the eve pillow. We found the pillow a bit firmer than we expected.

We decided to give it a chance and tested it out for the next week. During that time we tried it out sleeping on our backs, side and stomach. Eve designed the pillow to be comfortable for all sleeping types.

We discovered that while initially firmer, the pillow seemed to grow softer as we used it. It gave us a great sleep when we tried it on our back and side. The thickness and firmness gave us a little bit of trouble on our stomach. We found that it also gave the neck more support than our original pillows. As a back sleeper, we will be switching to the eve full time.

Pillow Sinkage

We gave the eve pillow a sinkage of one inch. It is a firmer pillow, so we weren’t surprised by this level of sinkage. It isn’t the softest pillow, but sleepers will be surprised how much the eve pillow will mold to you.

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coolness and off-gassing.

The eve pillow does a phenomenal job keeping our head cool. When you first get the pillow, you will notice hundreds of tiny holes covering the surface. These are designed to pull heat away and give a comfortable sleep regardless of the temperature.

There was no off-gassing or smell with our eve pillow. We were able to lay our head on it without even using a pillow case. That being said, we recommend using a pillow case to keep your pillow clean.

Eve Pillow Unboxing

The pillow comes in a fun yellow and white box.

First image from our eve pillow review unboxingThe second image from our eve pillow unboxingthe third image in our eve pillow review
  • Pillow cover

    A super soft, washable cover surrounds the eve pillow. The jersey fabric is design to stretch has a very soft feel.

  • Pillow construction

    The pillow is a responsive next generation memory foam. It gives a firmer feel at first, but quickly contours to the sleeper’s head. Drilled holes on the surface give the hypoallergenic core a chance to breathe. Meaning your sleep will always be fresh and cool.


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Eve Pillow review summary

By the end of our review, we were firmly sold with the eve pillow. We were initially put off by the firmness. After giving it a chance, we found that our sleep improved. If it turns out this pillow isn’t for you, eve has a 30 risk-free trial. Order your Eve Pillow today; it will change the way you sleep.

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