Old Pal Delivery

One of the best ways to buy Old Pal flower is to order it on demand. Eaze Recreational Delivery allows you to order Old Pal online and brings it to you in about an hour. Plus, new customers get a $20 credit you can use for Old Pal!
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How to get a $20 Discount

As mentioned above, you can order Old Pal directly through a delivery service like Eaze, which delivers to your door in under an hour.

Currently Eaze is offering $20 in free credit to try them out for the first time—which you can choose to use on all the Old Pal products sold through Eaze.

Button above takes you to the Eaze signup and ordering page. 

Eaze is a recreational delivery service serving most of California and many locations in Oregon. Delivery is usually in under an hour and they offer a wide variety of products, including from Old Pal. 

We adore Eaze—they have the nicest delivery drivers and the best products at really competitive prices. Plus, their website is a breeze for ordering.

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