Get Recreational Delivery

Get products delivered straight from the dispensary to your door via companies like Eaze Recreational Delivery. Currently Eaze is giving new customers a $20 product credit, and delivery takes only about 1 hour.

Button above takes you to the Eaze signup page where you can check your zip code and get a $20 automatic credit. Credit is valid on ALL products on Eaze.

New Users get $20 in Credit

Currently Eaze is offering $20 in free credit to try them out for the first time—which you can choose to use on all the products they sell (which is a lot), for delivery across California and a lot of Oregon.

Eaze will deliver flowers, concentrates, drops and more to your door in a couple hours from local dispensary stores. Buy from brands like Kiva, Dosist, Plus, Pax, Old Pal, Humboldt Farms, Island and so many more.

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Delivery Locations

Eaze Recreational Delivery brings dispensary products to you in most cities in California as well as Oregon. Major cities include:
Los Angeles County (LA)
San Francisco (SF)
San Diego
Sonoma and Napa
Oakland (East Bay)
Santa Cruz
Orange County
Inland Empire
+ many more

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We adore Eaze—they have the nicest delivery drivers and the best products at really competitive prices, sent from local dispensary stores. The fact their service exists is like finding a pot of gold (and the ratings of Eaze on WeedMaps prove it). Their app and website is a total breeze for figuring what you want and for ordering online for quick delivery.

They have awesome daily deals on products for every type of need as well as in every form you can imagine. You can weed through their app or online to buy from brands like Kiva, Dosist, Old Pal, Pacific Stone and more. Delivery minimum is just $25, and arrives in a couple hours!

Don’t forget: You can get a $20 credit bonus as a new user.

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