The Currency of Happiness

The Currency Of Happiness

Does Money Equal Happiness?

It’s a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. Society certainly tells us that the more we spend the happier we will become. Who wouldn’t be happy driving around in a brand new Range Rover? We see the smiling faces of rich actors living happy lives that the rest of us could only dream about. Yet are they really happy?

It was a line of questioning that always pointed back to money. When I ask my friends about their jobs, the answer often includes much they are earning. I know more about my friends incomes than I do about their actual satisfaction with their jobs. Before you point the finger at my friends, take a real look at your friends as well. Do they talk about success at work or about how much they are trying to get for their next raise?

I also hear about people who give up all personal possession’s claiming they became truly happy with less money. While I love this concept, I doubt I would be able to part with my $4 morning cappuccino. Instead, I spent a great deal of time wondering just how much money I would need to earn to discover the perfect amount for happiness. It was at this point that I came to the realization that I was looking at things all wrong. I was trying to solve my problem with the wrong equation. I needed a new currency.

Happiness as a Currency

I made the decision to make my own currency for myself. What type of world would we be living in if people worked towards happiness instead of money. Its a dream obviously, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t explore what it would take to become a happy millionaire. It was a path that took me down some fundamental life changes and forced me to evaluate how I saw money.

I decided to write down my struggles and discoveries. Each week I will explain the path I am taking to a becoming rich in happiness. I say “am taking”, because ironically happiness takes effort for some of us. Those looking for a quick fix need to realize that real change takes time. Please take my insights and adjust them to fit into your specific needs. I only provide a general guideline, you are the author of your own adventure.

Next Week: Balance

Check back next week when I talk about balance. Balance is the overarching theme for everything I will be discussing in the Currency of Happiness.

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