Cocoon Mattress Review

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The Cocoon mattress is the newest release by Sealy. The mattress industry giant is trying their luck with a bed-in-a-box. Read our Cocoon Classic mattress review and find out how they did with their latest Chill bed.

Our Cocoon Mattress Review

The Cocoon Soft Classic Mattress Sleeps Beautifully

Sealy has released two version of their Classic bed, a soft and firm. We gave the Classic Cocoon soft a 6 out 10 firmness (10 being the firmest). The Classic Cocoon firm received an 8 out of 10 on the firmness rating scale. The softer cocoon bed is still a firmer bed than many other soft mattresses we have tried. Cocoon uses a personalized comfort layer to provide great pressure dispersal for every type of sleeper. The Cocoon firm mattress lacks this transition layer and is overly hard in our opinion.

The bottom foundation layer does a great job with support, almost too good for the Cocoon firm mattress. Cocoon uses a high-density foam as their base layer to give a perfect support. The dense foam is made from durable materials and should provide an extended mattress life.

Just The Right Amount Of Sinkage With The Cocoon Soft Mattress

There is around 2″ of sinkage with the soft, and closer to 1″ with the firm. The soft gives a pleasant feel that hugs the sleeper but doesn’t feel like quicksand. The firm is too hard in our opinion, only ideal for sleepers who like looking for no give.

Let Your Partner Sleep With The Cocoon Soft

We found almost zero horizontal motion transfer with the Cocoon bed. Memory foam is perfect for sleepers who toss and turn, disrupting the sleep of their partner. Zero motion transfer also means a bed that has less responsiveness. Customers looking for a bouncy bed should focus on latex or spring mattresses. Full foam beds tend to dampen and reduce movement through the mattress.


The mattress cover uses a phase-changing material. The material is cool to the touch, slowing adjusting to the sleepers temperature. The mattress cover does a fantastic job regulating temperature and reducing any buildup of heat.

A Tad Bit Smelly

Customers have complained about the smell of the Cocoon Mattress. The mattress can take up to a week for the smell to dissipate entirely. We recommend keeping the doors and windows open when first unboxing the Cocoon.

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Pros & Cons


  • The Cocoon Classic Soft is a comfortable mattress that is perfect for all sleepers.
  • The Chill mattress cover does an excellent job maintaining a balanced temperature through the night
  • There is almost zero motion transfer with the Cocoon. Couples can sleep peacefully through the night without disturbing one another
  • The Cocoon beds are reasonably priced, equal to competitors in the industry
  • 100 night Risk-Free Trial period


  • Strong off-gassing when first opening the Cocoon mattress box
  • Cocoon firm mattress is overly hard
  • Memory foam is less responsive than latex or spring beds

We recommend this bed to sleepers who:

  • Want a medium or firm mattress options
    We liked the Cocoon soft which gave a slightly more firm feel. The soft is ideal for a broad range of sleepers. The Cocoon firm is only for sleepers who prefer a very firm bed.
  • Want a movement free sleep
    The Cocoon mattresses are topped with 2″ of memory foam that dampens movement. The Cocoon is ideal for light sleepers who get disturbed by movement easily.
  • Need a cooler bed cover
    Customers can pay more to get the Chill mattress cover. The phase-changing material does a great job pulling the heat away from sleepers.
  • Want to buy  from a reputable company
    Unlike other new mattress companies, Sealy has been around for over 100 years.

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We focused on the Soft mattress for the construction part of our Cocoon Mattress review. (The Cocoon firm is similar, replacing the 2″ of poly foam with the firmer support foam.)

  • Mattress cover

    The Chill mattress cover uses phase changing material that is cool to the touch. It gradually adjusts to an equilibrium with the sleeper.

  • Top layer

    2″ of memory foam give a soft and comfortable initial feel.

  • Middle Layer

    2″ of Poly foam create a beautiful transition of comfort to firmness. This layer is what makes the Cocoon soft such a comfortable, yet supportive mattress.

  • Bottom Layer

    6″ of support foam provide the foundation for the Cocoon. The support layer keeps the spine and body supported throughout the night.

Join us as we examine how Sealy's Cocoon Mattress is built

Mattress Cost

The Sealy Cocoon mattress is a reasonably priced bed. Customers can buy a queen for $850 which is average pricing for the mattress-in-a-box industry. There are also Cocoon discounts that get customers an extra $100 off the bed. Let us know what you think about this bed in the Cocoon mattress review comments section.











Mattress Customer Support and warranty:




Cocoon Mattress Review

Sealy has done a great job with their first bed-in-a-box. While the Cocoon Firm mattress is too hard for us, the Cocoon soft is an overall great bed. The blend of layers promotes a comfortable nights sleep that isn’t overly soft. The ability to buy the phase-change Chill cover is also a nice feature. The Cocoon is a great mattress, and we are looking forward to what Sealy makes next.





Risk-Free Trial Period

100 Night

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