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Cloud Kitchens Cost | Get One Month free at CloudKitchens

CloudKitchens: Get One Month Free

Before you just start going to Cloud Kitchens, make sure you sign up for a tour via a One Month Free referral link, such as this one.

If you complete your application and start a Cloud Kitchen, your first month will be entirely free. Learn more about Cloud Kitchen cost breakdowns below.

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Details about Cloud Kitchen Cost

The actual cost of your CloudKitchen will depend heavily on where you open it, so the best plan is to schedule a Tour via and figure out your ideal space. That link will additionally give you one month free should you complete signup.

In terms of general costs, here are some facts about Cloud Kitchens Cost breakdowns:

Initial Opening Cost comparison

  • The average minimum cost to open a regular restaurant: $175,500
  • The average minimum to open a Cloud Kitchen cost: $13,000

Savings Possibilities

  • Cloud Kitchens eliminate anywhere from 50-90% of labor and real estate costs

Cloud Kitchens Cost | Get One Month Free

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Get an entire month for free at your Cloud Kitchen, when you sign up for a tour via the below link.

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