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Carnivore Club Review Monthly Meat Subscription

If you love cured meat or know someone who does, then I have discovered the perfect box for you. The Carnivore Box is a monthly subscription that sends out 4-6 unique, hand-crafted cured meats every month. I was worried that might be too much cured meat a month, but as you will see in my Carnivore Club review, it disappears quickly.

Carnivore Club Review

What Came in the Box?

I opened my Carnivore Club box to a wide assortment of cured meats made by Nduja. It ranged from their Cacciatorini Piccante (had a nice kick) to their Nostrano. Each month the Carnivore Club chooses a different producer of cured meats to feature. It’s almost like wine tasting, except with cured meats.

Cured Meats included in one month of Carnivore Club

The box also came with a helpful guide that explained what meats were included. Customers are encouraged to refrigerate the meats for a longer shelf life. (around 3 months) If you do leave them on the countertop, the cured meats should last at least a month. Though I really doubt they will last that long.

Creating The Ultimate Charcuterie with Carnivore Club

With all this meat I decided it was time to invite over a few friends for a charcuterie. Using the meats included in the box I was able to create quite the spread. It was almost enough meat that we could have skipped dinner. I tried pairing the meat with different fruits, jams, and cheeses.

Every single meat I tried tasted delicious, especially when paired with cheese. I’m not sure about other months, but Carnivore Club delivered a great selection of Nduja cured meats. My friends couldn’t get enough of the charcuterie and declared they were hosting one the coming week.

The only negative of the whole night was the sheer amount of meat we went through. I had expected the Carnivore Club meats to last the whole month, but we ate 3 full packages. I was going to have to ration the rest of my meat.


The Carnivore Club costs $50 a month if you sign up for the subscription. ($55 for a one-time order) I don’t eat a lot of cured meats so I wasn’t sure if this was a good deal or not. I decided to check the prices of the Nduja meats on their website. If I had ordered each cured meat separately it would have cost a total of $83. That gave me a savings of $33 when ordering through Carnival Club. Not to mention that the tax and shipping are included in the $50 price.

When it comes to value I give the Carnivore Club an A+. Cured meats aren’t cheap and I got a lot of really delicious ones for what I see now is a relatively low price tag.

Carnivore Club Subscription Box


  • Great value for quantity and quality of cured meat
  • It’s nice to let them select the meat instead of trying to decide myself
  • My friends seem to like me more now
  • One more reason to be excited for next month.
  • I have a $10 discount for Topdown Readers


  • Your friends will most likely eat all of your meat
  • I suppose it might be too much cured meat for one person to eat alone.

Carnivore Club Review Summary

Rating 9.4

Carnivore Club delivers delicious cured meats at a great value each month. I worry that I might get tired of cured meats after a few months of this box, but that is a risk I am willing to take. If you are looking for a curated cured meat monthly tasting experience, the Carnivore Club is exactly what you need.

Check out the Carnivore Club for yourself.

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