Booty Queen Review | Show Off That Bangin Booty In These Leggings

Booty Queen Review of Shark Leggings

Going to the gym is a mission. When I workout, I don’t want to think about anything that isn’t getting through the last seconds of a sprint, or finishing my final reps. But if your workout clothes are too tight, or ride down, or are see-through, it’s a distraction. I’m always looking for good styles that won’t fail.

Booty Queen Review

Created by fitness professionals Amanda and Steve Kuclo, Booty Queen Apparel for women aims to not only keep your clothes in check, but to make you look good while you sweat. Their specially designed leggings come in vibrant colors of teal, hot pink, royal blue, red, and black, and their cut and style are made to be fitted, but not too tight, so they round out your body to give a sleek silhouette. The high waist ensures you won’t be pulling your leggings up over your hips during your workout, all the while eliminating “muffin tops” that other leggings create. Even more, Amanda says her products pass the “squat test”, meaning your leggings won’t become miraculously transparent when you squat.

The Products

While Booty Queen offers a number of products like lifeguard-style tanks and mini cropped tops, I went with the leggings. Booty Queen offers a number of legging styles: Ideal, Blue Razz, Shark, Mesh Pink, Laser Cut, Red Velvet Cakes. There are also two cropped versions in Mint Chocolate Chip and Storm.

shark leggings booty queen

BootyQueen SHARK Legging

I also went with the Shark legging, which was the product the Kuclos demonstrated on the television show, Shark Tank. I had to see what the fuss was all about.

The Shark comes in one color, Royal & Black, and the swipes of black satin on the legging are designed with the body in mind, so it shapes your curves and makes you look svelte. My favorite part was the moisture wicking feature, which keeps the legging from sticking to the skin.

$84.99 (BootyQueen)


Booty Queen Costs

Leggings run at $84.99 or $89.99. Tops and hats range from $25.99-$32.99, and the Hoodies are $29.00-$59.99. This is in line with most performance fitness apparel.


  • High quality fabrics that move with the body
  • Flattering cut
  • Opaque
  • Moisture wicking


  • Many products are out of stock
  • Some styles are limited to one or two color schemes

Booty Queen Review Summary

Rating 9.1

The leggings are high performance products that are made with a woman’s active body in mind. Flattering yet supportive, the leggings are great for serious athletes. The company’s popularity is more than their inventory can currently keep up with, but I’d bet that changes in coming months. More color options for each style would be nice.

Find the leggings at BootyQueenApparel


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