Blockchain Training Alliance Discount Code

Get live blockchain training from anywhere in the world with Blockchain Training Alliance.

Plus, get $30 off your course with the discount code: HAPPY100.

Blockchain Training Alliance Discount Code

Good news! Blockchain Training Alliance is offering $30 off your course with code HAPPY100.

Get $30 Off Blockchain Training Alliance

Get $30 Off Blockchain Training Alliance

Be sure to enter the code HAPPY100 during checkout.

What is Blockchain Training Alliance?

It’s probably safe to assume if you’re looking here you have a decent idea of what Blockchain Training offers. But, just in case you don’t, we’ll give a little overview.

Blockchain Training Alliance helps businesses train their employees on how blockchain works and how it can be incorporated into your business model. They have a few different types of classes you can take: Individual classes on specific topics (one of which they offer for free!), certification courses that result in an in-person test required for certification, as well as instructor-led classes that you can take live from either the comfort of your office, home, or in one of their classrooms (if you’re nearby).

They have such a wide variety of course options that it’s a bit tough to go into detail, but if you check out this page you can get a better idea.

Costs and Coupon Codes

The full courses are not inexpensive—they cost around $1895 for the live instructor-led ones (and one of the more advanced ones is $2495). Individual classes are around $300, and they do offer an intro class for free so you can see if it’s something you may be interested in. Taking the actual certification exams are also $200-300 on average.

These courses can help take your company to the next level, so they are well worth the cost.

Plus, to sweeten the deal a tiny bit, you can use the Blockchain Training Coupon Code: HAPPY100 for $30 off.

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