Best Vinyl Subscription Service

Find out our Best Vinyl Subscription Service

We love listening to Vinyl records at the office. The only problem is agreeing on which record to buy. Luckily there is a slew of subscription services that will send Vinyl records in the mail. We have tried them all, but we have chosen our favorite. Read below to find out the best vinyl subscription service.

The Best Vinyl Subscription Service

Vinyl Me Please DiscountVinyl Me Please: Record of the Month Club

Vinyl Me Please is our favorite Vinyl subscription hands down. They find the best new artists and press a custom LP. We love the idea that our Vinyl collection has unique records unable to be found at any store. Past Vinyl Me Please records have featured artists like Glass Animals and Beck.

VMP includes custom cover art and colorful records instead of the traditional black. They also have a featured cocktail recipe that pairs perfectly with the music. There is no better way to finish a work day than a Vinyl record and cocktail. Read our full Vinyl me please review to learn the nitty gritty.

Prices start at $27/month but go down if you sign up for more months. There are Vinyl me please promo codes that will get customers $10 off their first month.

We love Vinyl Me Please, but it certainly isn’t the only Vinyl subscription service we use. We have found that each service has their unique take on monthly vinyl records. Our second favorite service would have to be Feedbands.

Feedbands Promo CodesFeedBands: Monthly Record Club

Feedbands has taken a voting system approach to their monthly record subscription. They allow customers to vote each month and create a custom LP of the winner. Customers don’t have to buy the record voted on that month. You can choose from any records in the Feedbands archive.

Check out the Feedband site.

VNYL Promo Codes

VNYL: Trio Record Club

VNYL is for customers looking for Vinyl’s that match their unique music tastes. Unlike Vinyl Me Please, VNYL asks customers to enter their music style preferences. We connected our Spotify station and answered some music choices at the beginning of our subscription. Then each month VNYL tailored the records to our music style. Read our full VNYL review.

VNYL sends out three records each month. Prices start at $39/month for all three but go down to $35 if you buy more months upfront. We also have a VNYL promo code that will get customers $10 off the member store.

Best Vinyl Subscription Service Summary

Overall, Vinyl Me Please is still the best vinyl subscription service we have tried. They have created an excellent service that is simple and a lot of fun. Enjoy getting an LP in the mail each month. We know we do.

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