BackStrong Chair Discount Code

Backstrong Chair Discount Code: HAPPY100

Get $50 off your Backstrong chair with the discount code below.
$50 code: HAPPY100

Button above takes you to the All33 Backstrong homepage. Enter the Backstrong chair discount code HAPPY100 during checkout

About the All33 Backstrong Chairs

Backstrong Chairs started out as a super successful Kickstarter campaign and now are being sold on the All33 website.

The Backstrong chairs are super unique in their approach to tackling back pain and back support. They have a technology called Sit In Motion technology, which allows the saddle to react ergonomically, giving you lower thoracic support and ideal posture - reducing neck and shoulder pain. When you look at the chair you can see there is a bottom section of the seating that moves a bit like a rocking chair. It softly cradles your lower back to relieve crucial pressure points and instantly improves your posture.

The Backstrong C1 is the only chair in the world that allows natural movement of the pelvis and back stimulating circulation, improving flexibility, and encouraging an increase of oxygenation and respiration.

Apart from all the amazing support features, the Backstrong chair also has some cool design features. For one, the arm rests can fold up, allowing you to scoot closer in to your desk, or to push the chair in fully when you are done for the day. The whole product is additionally made with sustainability in mind and uses recyclable products.

Lastly, you can select between two different styles of the Backstrong chair. You can select either the Fabric version, or the Vegan Leather. They both start at $1199 (sometimes discounted to $799), and you can take an extra $50 off with the Backstrong chair discount code: HAPPY100.

All33 BackStrong Discount Code: HAPPY100

$50 Backstrong Chair Discount Code

This is the same All33 Backstrong Chair discount code as found on Reddit. Visit the link below and use the promo code HAPPY100 to get your $50 discount.

Get $50 off: HAPPY100

All33 Backstrong Chair Discount Code: HAPPY100

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