Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress Review

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The Alexander Signature Hybrid is looking to become the top mattress in the mid range cost level. A comfortable foam top, very supportive foundation and a relatively reasonable price tag give them a pretty good shot at the title. Read our review and see if the Alexander Signature Hybrid is the right mattress for you.

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Alexander Signature Hybrid Review (Medium Firmness)

Note: I'm a side and back sleeper, so this is from my perspective. Scroll down to the bottom of this section for a quick perspective from a side sleeper.

I found the Alexander Signature Hybrid is the perfect blend of soft and firm. Its the first bed that I would give a confident 5 out of 10 firmness. It feels like a cloud when you lay on it, yet I don't feel like I am sinking into the bed. It is a very hard feeling to accomplish but Nest has done it with this mattress

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is one of those unique beds that works well for all types of sleepers. I sleep on my back and love this softer mattress just as much as my partner who sleeps on her side. The magic lies in the 3 foam layers that make up the top of this mattress.

Moderate Responsiveness

This level of softness comes at a small cost for responsiveness. While the Alexander Signature Hybrid isn't the worst, it certainly doesn't have the spring back found with firmer mattresses.

There is also a bit of horizontal movement. You can see in the video that the glass of water does move as I jump next to it. It doesn't spill any water which is better than some other mattresses.

Sleep cool with the Alexander Hybrid

Heat is always my first worry with these soft foam top mattresses. The Alexander comes with a 3" 3.5 lb. Medium TitanChill Endurance Foam to combat the heat buildup. After a few weeks of extensive testing I can honestly tell you that it works. Even in hot conditions, this mattress pulls the heat away from your body.

There was no smell when I opened up the mattress. Regardless, according to Nest's websites all foams are certified CertiPUR-US certified. It is nice to know you are sleeping on a clean material.

Alternative Perspective from a Side Sleeper

This is written by my partner, who sleeps on her side.

As mentioned above, my partner is a back sleeper so we've been having a hard time finding a mattress that works for both of us. Up until now, I've been sleeping on a firmer one that often ends up with me having a painful back in the morning.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is such a nice change—it is exactly as soft as I want it, but strangely is still firm enough for my partner. I believe the thickness has a lot to do with it, as there is just so much room for support as well as for cushioning. I've been sleeping so extremely well, which in turn makes me so much more happy and productive in the daytime.

Pros & Cons


  • Very comfortable mattress
  • Great Spring Foundation that will leave you rested
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Lifetime Comfort Guarantee means you are secure for life
  • Free Shipping


  • Not as responsive as firmer beds
  • Very tall mattress (13.25")
  • A big of motion transfer between sleepers

We Recommend This Bed To Sleepers Who:

  • Sleepers who want a very comfortable bed
    This mattress comes in at a perfect 5/10. If you want a pure blend of soft and support then this bed is for you
  • Sleepers who overheat.
    The Alexander mattress does a fantastic job staying cool through the night.
  • Sleepers looking for a great mattress for a relatively reasonable price
    This bed isn't cheap, but it isn't overly expensive either. If sleep is important to you, this bed is a good choice.

Mattress Construction

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress was designed to appeal to the average sleeper. The result is an 13.25" bed with everything a healthy adult needs to support.

  • Top Layer

    .25" 4 lb. Gel Infused Memory Foam & Super Soft Quilted Thermic Phase Change Fabric

  • Second Layer

    3" 3.5 lb. Medium TitanChill Endurance Foam®

  • Third Layer

    1" 3 lb. SmartFlow Support Foam

  • Fourth Layer

    8" Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils

  • Bottom Layer

    1" 3 lb. Base Support Foam

Mattress Cost

A queen Alexander Signature Hybrid  costs $1299.00. While this isn't the cheapest bed out there, it is very hard to put a price on comfort. I would definitely pay more for the comfort that I received when sleeping on this bed.

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Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping
  • 100 night trial period
  • Lifetime warranty




Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress delivers a fantastic nights sleep, regardless of back or side. Nest provides a comfortable yet supportive bed. It isn't as responsive as a latex bed, but it still has some spring when moving around.

If you are looking for a moderately priced hybrid bed that is super comfortable then I would have no issues suggesting the Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress.



Queen Cost


Risk-Free Trial Period

100 Night

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