The Airweave is a bed with no foam, latex or springs. Instead, it uses Airfiber.

It's something completely new to the bedding industry. Read our Airweave Mattress Review

Airweave is better known for their mattress toppers, but they recently created an entirely new bed. The Airweave mattress is unique in the industry, a bed without any foam, latex, or springs. The Japanese based company only uses their proprietary bed material called Airfiber. Find out how it feels and works in our Airweave Mattress Review.

Airweave Mattress Review

I am in the process of reviewing the Airweave mattress, but customers have found the bed to be very firm. The Airfiber is formed into a dense lattice that has a lot of support, but not a lot of give. Don’t expect the Airweave to have a lot of sinkage or softness.

Support is one thing that the Airweave does well. The Airfiber provides a strong foundation that offers a ton of support.

The Airfiber keeps you cool
The Airweave does a fantastic job keeping sleepers cool. Unlike dense memory foam which absorbs and holds heat, the Airfiber is an open lattice. Air can flow smoothly through the Airfibers and keep the sleeper cool.

The Airweave is also amazingly easy to clean. Customers can remove the cover and rinse the Airfiber with water. I’d like to see you do that with a memory foam mattress.

Pros & Cons


  • Firm mattress with great support
  • Airfiber construction helps sleeper maintain optimal temperature
  • Easy to clean the mattress.
  • Airweave is made of 100% recyclable materials, making it very earth friendly.


  • Firmness is almost too much for some sleepers.
  • The mattress is higher priced that other delivered beds.

We recommend this bed to sleepers who:

  • Sleepers who like a firmer bed
    The Airweave is a very firm mattress, harder than latex. Get the Airweave if you like a harder, supportive bed.
  • Sleepers who overheat.
    The Airfiber allows a significant amount of airflow through the mattress. Any excess heat produced is pulled away from the sleeper during the night.
  • Sleepers who want a unique feeling bed
    Anyone who has tried the Airweave says it’s a feeling they have never experience before. If you want something entirely new, the Airweave might be for you.

Mattress Construction


  • Mattress cover

    A polyester cotton blend that is soft, yet durable. The cover is easy to remove, ideal for any spills.

  • Main Layer

    The Airweave is a solid layer made of Airfiber. The fibers are 100% interwoven Polyethylene fibers that facilitate airflow and distribute the weight of the sleeper.

airweave mattress construction

Airweave Cost

The Airweave bed is more expensive than the average mattress in a box. Customers are looking at spending around $1,300 for a queen size bed. Let us know what you think about the price in our Airweave mattress review comments section.

Airweave Promo Codes

With any expensive purchases, it is always a good idea to look for discounts. New customers can get Free shipping on their mattress. If you don’t like the bed, return it anytime during the 60 trial period free of charge.











Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping
  • 60 night trial period
  • 10 year warranty
  • Discounts: None Currently




Airweave Mattress Review

I have never seen anything like the Airweave before. It will be fascinating to see how the American public takes to such a firm, supportive mattress. The benefits of a fresh, resilient bed include a more rested and energetic sleep. It’s hard to explain how the Airweave feels, so sleepers should try it out for themselves.





Risk-Free Trial Period

60 Night

Try out the Airweave mattress

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