AbXCore Discount Code | 15% off: LUCY15

AbXCore Discount Code

The AbXcore fitness machine helps you get flat a stomach with the best abdominal exercises & ab mobile fitness plan. Plus, get 15% off your order with the AbXCore Discount Code: LUCY15

AbXCore Promo Code | 15% off: LUCY15

Button above takes you to the AbXCore home page. Enter the AbXCore promo code LUCY15 during checkout to have your savings applied.

About AbXCore

From the AbXCore website:

Did you ever think it was possible to sculpt your abs in only 7 minutes a day?  Yes, this is true, the most effective ab machine for a stronger core and defined abs!  This is the next generation of Abdominal fitness because in this fast paced world there is only room for a fast and effective workout like ABXCORE!

Get started on your resistance training now—so you can build bone and muscle, burn fat, and make you feel and look younger and better than you ever have before. Plus, the AbXCore design protects your neck and back in a way simple crunches cannot!


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