20% Amuse Weed Promo Code | Code: HAPPY100

20% off Amuse weed promo code: HAPPY100Amuse Weed Promo Code

Get products delivered straight from the dispensary to your door via companies like Amuse Weed Recreational Delivery. Currently Amuse is giving new customers 20% off their first order with the Amuse Weed Promo Code: HAPPY100

Visit the Amuse signup page where you can check your zip code and get a 20% off discount with the code HAPPY100. Click here.

New Users get 20% off

Currently Amuse is offering new customers 20% off their first order to try them out—which you can choose to use on all the products they sell (which is a lot), for home delivery in Los Angeles and other areas of California.

Amuse will deliver flowers, concentrates, oils and more to your door in an hour. Buy from brands like Kiva, Dosist, Plus, Pax, Old Pal, Humboldt Farms, Island and so many more.

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Amuse.com Details

Amuse Recreational Delivery brings dispensary products to you in many cities in California. Major cities include Los Angeles and more.

We love using Amuse weed delivery for all our flower, edible, vape and other product needs.

In addition to Amuse's 20% off new customer discount, they also have awesome daily deals (sometimes up to 50% off) on products for every type of need as well as in every form you can imagine.

Don't forget: You get a 20% off credit bonus as a new user with the code HAPPY100.

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